Easily Create Your Own Clothing Brand!

If you have ever wanted to start your own clothing business, but did not know how to, I’m here to help! I will be releasing a series of blogs on the different steps in creating your own clothing brand. We will first look at the first step, which is to decide your brand name and make it into a company. This is an important step, and you want the brand name to be able to catch people’s attention. You will also want to think about what message you want your brand to have, and what message you want it to bring to your customers. My brand name is pretty simple and incorporates my first and middle name. Brooke Marie Designs goal is to bring my consumer’s trendy vintage style graphics for less than other retailers. My brand has built graphic t-shirt designs and has an Instagram with a following of 33k members. Creating a brand name that means something and represents what you want to say is a very important step.

Once you have decided on a brand name, and the mission behind your brand, you will need to design a logo for your company. This can either be done by yourself or you can hire someone to complete this task for you. Either way you may want to look around on Pinterest or other websites for possible inspiration, color schemes or objects to incorporate into your logo. If you would like to design the logo yourself, I would recommend using Illustrator or photoshop, this is where I have personally designed all of my logos. Your logo is also a very important aspect of your clothing brand. This logo will be present on all of your social media handles and even printed directly onto your garments.

Once your logo has been created, you are ready to officially make your clothing brand a business. To do this you will have to gain a business license in the state you currently live. You can figure out what your state’s process is for this by google. I live in Georgia, therefore I went to the Georgia tax website and clicked ‘register new business’. After that you follow the steps, provide the information and pay a fee of about $150. After submitting the information, you will have to wait a couple days until it gets approved. Upon approval, you will be a registered business entity and also receive a tax ID number.

A tax ID number is vital for starting your own clothing brand. With this number, you will be able to get approved by wholesalers and manufacturers. Wholesalers will offer you blanks (clothing items with nothing on them) or they also offering printed/finished clothing. You can select which items you want to buy and even attend wholesaler shows, where you can shop multiple vendors in person. To do any wholesale shopping though you will have to have a valid tax ID number. Manufacturers do not typically require tax ID’s before doing business with you, but most manufacturers only produce large quantities. Therefore, starting out you will most likely be working with wholesalers.

After completing the steps, we have talked about today, you are officially a business! That wasn’t as hard as you were thinking right? Now you should start brainstorming. Look at what the clothing brands you like are currently doing. You should research current fashion trends and look into what influencers are wearing and styling. Doing this research will prepare you for the next steps we talk about, and also give you some time to come up with some creative ideas of your own! Until then, start informing your family and friends of your new company and be excited!