Step 2: Easily Build A Online Presence For Your New Brand!

            Welcome back to our series on how to start your own online clothing line! So far you have officially become a business and have tax ID number! The next thing you need to focus on are your social media accounts, website and policies. All these items are very important for an ecommerce business and will drive consumers to your brand! Let’s start off with making your social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. You should choose a username that can be the same throughout all accounts so your consumers can find you easily and recognize your page as well. The username should be a form of your company name. The profile picture across all your social media accounts should be the same as well and choosing your logo for your profile picture is always a good choice.

            Once you have created your social media accounts, you should curate your first social media posts. Since you do not have much, or any inventory yet, these posts should focus on telling your consumers about your company and what products you will carry in the future. You should focus on creating content that will get your consumers excited about your upcoming products and gain some followers. The more consumers you have interested in your brand before you drop any inventory is important and will give you a good start. Once you do receive inventory or samples, you could do promotions/giveaways to gain consumers traction and excitement about your brand. All your social media accounts should link your website in the bio or where consumers can easily find it.

            You should design a website that is easy to navigate and has clear pictures, words and products clearly posted. All the words pictured on your website should stand out compared to the background of your website. The best background colors to consider for your website are light colors or neutrals therefore the navigation, menu and shopping cart icons can stand out. The home page of the website should have pictures that welcome consumers and broadcast your products in a professional light. This will make consumers want to look further into your website and products. The home page is the first page your consumers will see; therefore, you want to make sure it looks very good and professional. Your products should be shot in good lighting where the consumer can clearly see the product and the details of the product. Information about the products should be listed in the description, along with key words and tags, that will allow for consumers to find products easier. There are several helpful sites to build your website on and one that I highly recommend is Shopify.

            The last part is to define your policies for your online brand. These policies will tell your customers about processing time, shipping policies, and your return policies. These policies are very important because they inform your customers on the brand will handle different situations. You should clearly state your processing time for the orders you receive. If you plan on shipping orders out very quickly, a 1–2-day processing time will be good and also please customers. If some of your products are hand-made or take longer to prepare, a 3–7-day processing time will better suit your company and make consumers aware. Your shipping policies should be listed along with the different rates you are wanting to chare and the different shipping speeds. You can also choose a standard shipping rate where all packages under a certain weight ship for one rate. The last policy you should develop is the return policy. This is the main policy that consumers will be looking for and may turn them away from purchasing. If you decide to not accept any returns and all of your items, be final sale, be prepared to have consumers object to this policy and may even not purchase due to this. A best return policy allows consumers to have options when they receive an item that does not fit or that they are not happy with.

            Wow! Now you have all your online presence built for your new company! Now you can start building a community surrounding your brand and creating excitement for when your products finally become available. The next steps surround product development and the start of getting inventory for your store!