The Last Step: Grow Your Social Media


            Now that you have a fully operating online business, it is time to focus on growing your social media accounts. This is an important aspect because the more individuals that see your posts/products, the more consumers you are likely to have. You want to engage consumers where they want to learn more about your company or decide to follow your page. Now growing your social media accounts can be a very challenging thing to accomplish due to the number of posts on these social media accounts. You will want your posts to stand out in comparison with the millions of other posts on accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

            The first step to growing your social media account is to make posts that engage consumers. All your posts should not be about directly selling your products all the time. A couple of your posts should be separate and be for interacting with consumers or individuals that follow you. You want to ensure your feed looks nice and appeals to the visual senses. You can accomplish this by setting an overall theme for your account. This can include choosing a style of photos or certain color schemes for your feed. You also want the pictures of your items to be nicely shot and appealing to the eyes as well.

            Another way to grow your social media accounts is to participate or utilize giveaways. Giveaways are a good source for advertising your page to people who may not follow you. This can also help you gain new followers who can then be converted into new customers. You will need to decide what you will be giving away, either a set of your products or a gift card to your company. Then you will establish the rules and what exactly consumers will have to do to be entered into the giveaway. An example is having your followers comment on the post tagging their friends in the giveaway. Then you can add all the names of people who commented into a random drawing simulator and pick the winner this way. You will also need to set a deadline for when the giveaway will end and when the winner will be announced. You can also do giveaways with other businesses to gain more traction and reach more individuals.

            Another way to grow your social media accounts is to run ads through Facebook/Instagram. These will cost you money and you will have to decide the amount of people you would like to reach with these ads as well. You should pick a post that has a good amount of engagement or more engagement than your average post. This post should do good as a promotional post because you can already see your followers engaged more with it. You can pick a target market to reach with your promotional posts by deciding age, gender, and location. Instagram/Facebook also offer the feature to automatically choose a target market based on your followers already. Once running the promotion, you should keep an eye on it for comments and questions and consider new followers your page gets.

            You should continue to work on your social media accounts and try to gain new followers. Running the social media for your company will be a full-time job and will require constant posting and updates to keep your followers interested. Sadly, this is the end of our blog series, and we hope you have learned a little something about running your own company! Now it is up to you to make your company successful and do not forget to work hard! In the end your company is your baby, and it is all about how you raise it.